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Hayward Salt Chlorinator - Aquarite Pro

Product Description:

It’s amazing what a little salt can do to enhance the pool experience AquaRite® Pro is the simple,safe and affordable approach to sanitize pools. It turns ordinary salt into a regenerating supply of fresh,pure chlorine, automatically.

Adding “Sense and Dispense” makes owning a pool even easier by automating water chemistry for pool and spa water that’s clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Salt Chlorination System: AquaRite ® Pro provide complete pool sanitation using ordinary salt

Their extremely safe electrolytic technology uses a low voltage electrical charge to convert a small amount of salt into a virtually endless supply of fresh,pure chlorine. When the pool is cleaned, the salt organizes a new cycle: there is thus no salt consumption.

With the Sense and Dispense, the AquaRite Pro® will automatically regulate the chlorine production avoiding the extra chlorine and keep an ideal water pH.


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