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Product Description:

Bringing the colours of imagination to life

Nothing brings out the natural beauty and shimmer of water better than color and light. Whether you’re

setting the mood for an intimate evening, or creating a dazzling aquatic backdrop for the season’s

party, ColorLogic is your gateway to the ultimate backyard experience. You and your guests

will be amazed at the breadth of dynamic, choreographed displays that bring your pool and spa to life.


Colour logic offers many features you won’t find in any other light. Ease of operation has been designed in the microprocessor to offer unmatched ease when cycling through the 12 programs with either a single switch. And with no colour wheel or moving parts, colour logic provides noiseless and service free operation.


Also has the ability to synchronize two or more lights and can connect it to a standard transformer. It’s economic due to lower energy-operation and a life of up to 100 000 hours.

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