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Sand Filters Side Mount

Product Description:

Made of polyethylene Hayward Pro sand filters withstand the effects of both treatment products and also weather conditions and can be installed out of doors or inside the pump room. They work with all granular filtering materials and they just need to be backwashed to clean them, that is to say that the water flow is reversed through the filter to release impurities.


Hayward Pro Series sand filters deliver crystal clear water through advanced pool filter technology for pools of all types and sizes. And, since this sand filter requires minimal care, users will appreciate its added convenience.


The durable housing is molded of corrosion proof polymeric materials. Additional features include an advanced, self-cleaning lateral system for smooth, efficient flow and totally  balanced backwashing. Plus, with a Hayward 6-position Vari-Flo™ control valve, you can quickly dial any of the valve/filter functions for easier operation and maximum efficiency.



  • Blown high density polyethylene filter with automatic purge
  • Supplied with Vari Flo 7-position valve with pressure gauge and flow indicator
  •  The selection handle provides choice from various functions: filter, back wash, drain, rinsing, closed, circulation, and winter
  • Corrosion proof tank for use under all types of weather conditions.
  • ABS injected base for firm seating of the filter.
  • 40 to 50 micron filtration
  • Withstand chemical products and weather conditions
  • Work with all granular filtering materials
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