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Swim Clear Filter

Product Description:

The environment Friendly Filter


Hayward Swim Clear reaches new heights in cartridge filter technology. The tanks are made out of strong Permaglass XL for the very best durability and efficiency, even in the worst conditions.


Discover the crystal clear water it can give you, perfect for even the most demanding industry professionals. The filtration surface area ranges from 30 m² to 49 m² with flow rates higher than normal for a silex filter.


Thanks to its capacity and design, the annual maintenance could not be easier. And with filtration between 15 and 20 microns, the system saves water by eliminating the need for a multi-port valve or backwashing. This results in significant savings as water is not wasted with the backwashing that is normally required for a conventional filter.


  • Electricity saving
  • Low noise
  • Reduced water and chemicals use
  • Easy pool maintenance
    • No wear parts
    • No valves
    • No replacing of sand
  • Saving in water
  • Speed of filtration
  • Reglementation
    • Filling of pools
    • Connection to sewer
  • Constraints
    • Reduced space for technical rooms


Swim clear also have a smooth filtration therefore one can benefit for better quality of water, reduction of chemical used and also reduced maintenance. 

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