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Operating Instructions for Children's Pool


Balance tank valve should be open, vacuum and sump ball valves closed. Suction valve of sump open, multiport on filtration mode, and inlets ball valves open. Waste valves closed.

Pumps on auto mode.


Vacuuming Pool:

Connect vac hose to vac head and submerge in pool. Prime pipe and connect to a vac point, other vac point must be closed by the provided cover.

Open vacuum valve in pump room and switch 2 pump ON to prevent them from switching off during vacuuming. Connect vac hose to other vac point to clean the other part of the pool. After vacuuming close vacuum ball valve and put pumps on auto mode. Dismantle vac hose and plug vac point by its cover.


Cleaning pump strainer:

Switch OFF pump to be cleaned, close valve on suction side and open lid by turning it counter clockwise.

Remove strainer and clean, replace strainer in its position with the strainer access hole facing the suction line. Secure lid by turning it clockwise and re open suction valve, put pump on auto mode.


Back wash and rinse:

Backwash must be performed when pressure gauge is close to or on the red pointer.

Switch OFF pump of filter to be backwashed, turn multiport valve on ‘backwash’ open backwash tank valve and close inlets ball valve switch pump ON and wait for sight glass located on multiport to clear (approx 1-2 mins)

Note:- Back wash pump must be on auto mode

Switch pump OFF and turn multiport to ‘RINSE’, switch pump ON for about 20 sec.

Switch pump OFF turn multiport to filtration open inlets valve and close ball valve. Put pump on auto mode to resume filtration. Repeat same procedure for the 3 filters.


Draining Pool:

Switch OFF all 3 pumps.

Open sump ball valve and close vacuum and balance tank valves. Turn any multiport on ‘waste’, open backwash tank valve and close inlets. Switch ON the corresponding pump until pool is empty. Switch OFF pump immediately

When pool is emptied – do not run pump dry