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Operating Instructions for Main Pool


Both sump and vacuum ball valves closed.

Both balance tank valves open.

Valve on suction side of pumps should be open, valve no. 2 and 3 on the 5 valve battery located in front of the filter also open.

The six inlets ball valves should also be open and pumps on auto mode.

All other valves closed.


Vacuuming the pool:

To vacuum the pool, connect the vac hose to vac head and submerge in pool. Prime vac hose with water and connect to a vac point, other three vac points must be closed by the provided covers. Open vacuum point valve in pump room and switch two pumps ON to have enough suction and preventing them from switching OFF by the timer during vacuuming. Vac hose may need to be connected in all vac points to lean the whole pool.

After vacuuming close vacuum valve in pump room and put pumps on auto mode.

Close ALL vac points by the provided covers.


Cleaning pump strainer:

Switch OFF pump to be cleaned.

Close valve on suction side of the pump and valve no. 2 on the filter battery.

OPEN the pump lid by particularly unscrewing the 4 knobs, remove strainer and clean.

Replace strainer in place with the access hole facing the suction pipe, re install lid and hand tighten the knobs. Open suction valve and no. valve 2, turn pump on auto mode to resume filtration.


Backwash and rinse:

Backwash must be performed when difference in pressure gauges is 0.8 kg/cm sqr or more. This is done to clean solid residues that collect in filter during filtration.


To backwash a filter:

Switch off respective pump

Open valve 1 and 4 on the 5 valve battery, other valves should be closed.

Switch ON pump for about 7 minutes.

Note:- Back wash pump must be on auto mode.

Switch OFF pump and put valves in rinse position; valves 2 and 5 open and other valve closed. Switch on pump for about 3 minutes, switch OFF pump and revert to filtration mode.

Procedure must be repeated for each filter.


Draining pool or Balance Tank:


Switch OFF all pumps.

To drain pool, open BOTH sump valves and suction valve 1 and 2 of the respective filter in open position and all other valves closed. BOTH balance tank valves and vacuum should also be closed. Switch ON this pump until pool is empty, make sure to switch pump OFF when pool empties. Do no run dry.

To drain balance tank, leave all valves as above but open BOTH balance tank valves and close BOTH sump valves.

Switch ON pump to drain water; pump will turn OFF automatically when water level is low enough.