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Pool Care

Pool Vacuuming

Switch Off Pump

Submerge telescopic pole with vachead and one end of vac hose attached near vac point.

Prime vac hose and attach to vacuum point/skimmer

Shift Valves as per value chart and switch on pump

Move vachead slowly along pool bottom and backwash filter if necessary during vacuuming.


Back Wash

Performed when pressure on pressure gauge increases by 5 to 7 psi or when flow from pool inlets is niticibly decreased. 

Switch off pump and hollow valve chart instructions - Duration approx 1 min



Performed after backwashing filter.

Duration approx 30 seconds


Liner Care and Maintenance

Although liner is guaranteed leak proof for 10 years with a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, the following recommendations and precautions should be ensured.

If chlorine tablets are used for pool sanitation, these must not be placed in skimmer basket as this will cause eventual fading in the sump area. Tablets should be placed in a chlorinator. 

If granular chlorine is used, this should be dissolved and fed through the skimmer when pump is running. 

PH level must not be allowed to fall below 7.2, chlorine levels should not exceed 1.5ppm for prolonged periods as this will reduce liner lifespan.

Waterline should be cleaned regularly without using abrasive sponges and cloths. Only approved and dedicated liner cleaning detergents should be used if required.

Do not leave pool empty for prolonged periods of time. (Dangerous as someone can fall into empty pool, items can accidentally fall in and damage liner and fading can also occur) 

Following these simple precautions will ensure the full enjoyment of your pool liner for many years without causing unnecessary damage and reduce wear and tear.